Welcome to the Rotary Recycle USA catalog section.   This permanent parts list is like having a close friend at the Suzuki warehouse who has given you the master passcode.

It is our pleasure to help keep these timeless machines in existence.   Therefore, we strive to treat each customer as an individual, and we take pride in paying close attention to detail when answering any questions.   Because of this, at times we may be delayed in responding to your e-mail.   We sincerely appreciate your patience in waiting for our reply.   We answer all e-mails in the order they are received.   Thank you for your patience.


We have completed the task of redesigning our online Rotary Catalog.   You’ll now be able to search for the exact parts you need by reference, part number or by part name.   Our new format is more easily readable, describing each part in detail and (though still in progress) giving you helpful service information and (in some cases) directing you to corresponding items.   Best of all, you can now place the parts you want into a “Shopping Cart” to simplify ordering.   Using this feature will expedite the process by conveniently placing the items you need into an organized list with the point and click of your mouse.

Watch this section of our web site grow.   Presently, this is only a partial listing of all the rotary parts we have in stock.   We will continue to add new RE-5 items periodically until every part and accessory for the RE-5 motorcycle is listed.

In you are in need of any item(s) that is/are not yet listed in the catalog, just add the information to the “Comments” section of the shopping cart check out, and we’ll be sure to include it.

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Catalog abbreviations and terms:


NOS This abbreviation stands for New Old Stock.   This means the parts offered under this heading are 100% Suzuki-Manufactured items that came as original equipment on the RE-5.   Nearly all the parts offered under this category are parts that are NLA (no longer available), DISC (discontinued), OOS (out of stock), or OOP (out of production).   Most are still in their original factory boxes, bags, packages, or wrappings.


REC This abbreviation stands for Reconditioned.   This means that the part has been closely inspected and thoroughly tested by our mechanics and brought back to its original condition with our “3R” process (repair, repaint, rechrome).


OEM This abbreviation stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.   This term means that this part was obtained from an original manufacturer and direct supplier of RE-5 parts to Suzuki.   Though Suzuki did make some in-house parts for the RE-5 rotary, most were manufactured by many high-quality, outside sources.   Rotary Recycle USA has located a few of the OEMs and purchased the last-remaining balance of their RE-5 stock.   In a few cases, the OEM still had the original dies and fixtures in storage and ran off a limited “short run” of rotary parts for us.


MFG This abbreviation stands for Manufactured.   This represents newly-manufactured parts for the RE-5 that look just like the original.   The new parts are made to exact factory specifications that meet or exceed Suzuki quality.   In some cases, the parts are made from the original dies acquired from OEM suppliers.   The decision to manufacture certain items was made because most original Suzuki RE-5 rotary parts have been discontinued for many years and any remaining stock has been depleted long ago.


SHOW This designation represents parts on the RE-5 that have been richly enhanced to bring the bike up to SHOW quality and competition standards.   The use of special triple-plated chrome, high polish cases, and brilliant paint all add to the restorer’s effort to gain “Best of Show, People’s Choice, and First Place”.   Or, if “go” is more your style and you’d just like to make a statement, then there is a wide selection of SHOW items that will set your rotary apart from the rest.


AM This term represents After-Market, manufactured parts, apparel, or other related items specifically designed for the RE-5 rotary.   The after market group was a “Johnny Come Lately” to the rotary field that jumped on the RE-5 band wagon for quick sales.   They were true believers of the rotary as a power source for tomorrow’s motorcycles.   All the after market companies put their best engineers on the rotary program and invested a lot of money in tooling, fixtures, and dies to produce an excellent, wide-variety of items for the RE-5 that either meet or exceed Suzuki’s own specifications.   In most cases, they were even better designed and built.   The biggest difference was that After-Market, manufactured items were not sold in a Suzuki- stamped box, bag, or fixed label.   Their high-quality spoke for itself.


USED The USED parts we offer are not your typical, run-of-the-mill items.   Each of our used parts are inspected, tested, and cleaned thoroughly by our technicians.


RACING Rotary RACING is on the rise here in the USA, and it’s making its presence known on racetracks, drag strips, and in other competitive activities.   Now recognized, the RE-5 is following the European rotary racers who have enjoyed a long tradition of “wins” for many years.   Rotary Recycle USA, a long supporter of RACING, now brings the “need-for- speed” group the finest in rotary RACING parts, service, and accessories.